AT Gallery, Poznań, 2011

A potential situation is possible, although it never happened. Again, we are dealing with falsified documentation from the place. In this case in AT Gallery. The paradoxes of meanings are multiplying, we have an exit that leads nowhere, and maybe somebody has put a staircase in a bad place or maybe there used to be an entrance and now someone has walled it up. The picture with the mirror, however, confirms our belief that, such an event took place, the mirror does not lie, it reflects what is in front of it. By ‘cutting out’ and ‘strengthening’ fragments of space, I strive to undermine the way of looking at everyday objects, generating new meanings, appeals and suggestions. All objects are illusionary ‘impersonification’ of similar prototypes existing in gallery space. These objects-sculptures and photographs through their ‘ordinary’ form integrally belong to the space, penetrate it, eliminating the difference between the work and the exhibition space.