The Inner Side of the Outer Space

Wschodnia Gallery, Łódź, 1997
sponge, steel, ice, refregeration unit, sound

A new nature exists inside, cosmic fluorescent light cabin which is supporting techno-culture and forgetting the current time along with the ballast of the gravity of the everyday life. Only a hibernation remained. It is shimmering and is reacting to nothing what is quotidian. On the main wall in the centre, a tongue of ice is being chilled. Outside of the same thing, but after all in the total contrast, reality of coarse materials is holding itself on tack, which is fulfilling function of the momentary support of the whole construction. Exemplary exhibitionism of helplessness and weakness. This demonstration two in one - splendid isolation of state of weightiness (of new technology for the chosen human generation) - was surrounded by the lining fabric toppled over, which cannot hide that it is ripping. Inside and the outside is this way to oneself, as the lightness of the word ‘cool’ and the ball and chain with the literal weight.

Maria Morzuch