Art Agency

LDK Gallery, Lodz, Poland, 2007
small interior UV light, two people, 3 hour action

The space of the ‘Art Agency’ gives the impression of an area closed to external influences, isolated. UV light is a function here and is a sign of artificiality. Looking into the interior of the installation, the following view appears: one room like a fitness club, bathed in fluorescent lights. A woman is sitting on the couch, smiling coquettishly towards the viewer. Muscled man working on the sculpture of the body. UV light does not take on new contexts, it is not a sign of spiritual searching. It does not go beyond its usual sense. ‘Artistic Agency’ freely refers to the pop - art aesthetics: with its cult of functional interiors and the style of advertising - images of young, smiling people. A specific epitaph, ‘putting a cross on the grave of art’ is the slogan with which the interior is painted: ‘Fuck Art’.

Ewa Milewicz