Later You Will Come In

Vilnus, Lithuenia, 1998
renovating an old interior of grocery store

In the installation ‘Later you will come in’ the artist is making other treatment. He is turning, worthless, three-part abandoned space into the work of art. He is clearing the rubble, tidying up, ‘cleaning’ and then painting it with white to fill it up with three colors of the light: white, red and blue. The whole is sealed with the title inscription which he is putting on the transparent window. Empty, filled up only with lights space is closed for entry so that it is possible to watch it only as the three-dimensional icon, looking to the centre through the large pane. This work, undoubtedly processual with is redefining the common, trivial space and is inspiring other aesthetics in it, getting new ‘potentials’ of meanings.

Jolanta Ciesielska