Gigantes i Derivas, Cuenca, Ecuador, 2016
video loop, steel, plaster, wood, action with 10 persons

The work was set up in a former prison in Cuenca in Ecuador. People sitting on bunk beds ‘are waiting’ for the proverbial ‘tomorrow’. The video in the other room consists of a quick succession of colourful animations where the main theme is the word Mañana - Tomorrow. The animation is accompanied by a noisy music usually played at popular events and parties. The work deals with the situation of many people that in real life have so much in common with the prisoners. The act of waiting refer to dreams, promises, fantasies and different ideas that in daily life can be very difficult to achieve. This is due to material poverty and luck of perspective for a great number of people in South America.

Participants taking place in performance:
Hernan Pacurucu, José Palodos, Andrés Arpi, Edison Urgiles, Pablo Gómez, Belén Rendón, Juan Muñoz, Olmeda Alonso, David Tepán, Oscar Yañez.