World, when we are not looking at it

digital photography on paper and aluminum
110 x 80 cm, 2012

Our ability to perceive colors in the world is so natural that we find it difficult to accept as a principle that objects and substances do not have their own color characteristics and all color sensations are produced in the human eye. To see the world as if it were truly present to us, we would have to look at it in the dark, which in our case is not possible. This physical function of our visual perception prompted me to unify the sections of reality (in this case the plants), covering them with the same gray color, and then documenting them and presenting them in a photographic form. But this new, unseen picture of the world is not truer. Photography is only a recording of a phenomenon, it is another veil of our senses that distort the real picture. It’s just an image of something that I think may look like reality but it still remains just a simulation of my imagination.